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Our Flagship Program

When we first developed our program for disabled adults at Friends University, we called it Friendship Fields. Now we have more than one program branching out from Friendship Fields, but  we still think this original option is pretty special.

Friendship Fields Fun students participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year and follow a curriculum that focuses on life skills, people skills, and social interaction with college students. They also interact regularly with other Friends University student volunteers, including many of the athletic teams. College-type activities include visiting practices and athletic games, hanging out and playing games with student athletes, having dinner in the student dining hall with Friends students and attending an occasional school dance, among many others. The Friendship Fields Fun program is not only helping special needs students with their desire to experience college life; it is transforming Friends.

students outside on campus
group photo with masks in front of davis

Friendship Fields Fun students interact with Friends athletic teams and coaches.

Examples from current and past semesters
  • Women’s softball team hosts Valentine’s Day and Halloween parties.
  • Women’s softball team hosts Valentine’s Day and Halloween parties.
  • Students attend and participate in football and women’s soccer practice.
  • Men’s and women’s basketball players and coaches play board games with Friendship Fields students.
  • When the men’s baseball coach had his 500th win, FF students made him a chain of 500 beads.
  • Women’s volleyball players and coach play volleyball with FF students.
  • Women’s soccer team teaches FF students soccer drills.
  • FF students visit the softball and baseball diamonds to play games with the Friends University student athletes.
  • FF students may attend football, basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball games at no cost.
  • Women’s golf team gives FF students golf lessons.
  • Friendship Fields students are honorary managers of several Friends athletic teams.
  • When FF students attend men’s basketball games, the women’s basketball players sit with them. When FF students attend women’s basketball games, the men’s basketball players sit with them and vice- versa.

Friendship Fields Fun students frequently enjoy presentations by community members, experts in their fields, individuals from various cultures, and speakers.

Examples from current and past semesters
  • Michael Potts: Artist Michael painted a portrait of Patrick Mahones for the class (in 45 minutes) while each student painted on individual canvases.
  • Mariso, Native of Peru: Mariso taught the students how to make chocolate using the microwave. Students then enjoyed eating the chocolate.
  • Alexa Delaune, DVM, Vice-President of the Mississippi Aquarium: Dr. Delaune performed the world’s first spinal surgery on a shark; she did a virtual presentation explaining the surgery and answering students’ questions about marine life.
  • Dog Trainer: A professional dog trainer brought her Golden Retriever to Friendship Fields and demonstrated training techniques.
presenter from Peru
Dog trainer
Mariso chocolate activity

For more information about Friendship Fields, contact:

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Valerie Wall

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Cynthia McGilvrey

Assistant Director
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