Jane Harwell

I have benefited from my involvement with Friendship Fields in so many ways. New friendships, deepening old friendships, intellectual stimulation as I prepare lessons on a variety of topics, varied learning experiences on and off campus, which all aid in my continued growth, development, and life enrichment. And so it is for our students!

Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre

Valerie Wall is an exemplary leader who is highly respected among colleagues. Her vision and determination has a direct impact in the lives of her students and our community.

Officer Tim Wescott

As a police officer, one of the most rewarding things has been that when I first started coming to class, a few students didn’t like the police. I guess is that this was a result of a negative experience in the past. Over the course of my visits, some of those same students now give …

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Cassidy Darrah

For Friends U students, just to see Friendship Fields students around our campus creates a fun and joyous environment.

Hazel May

What sets Friendship Fields apart from other programs is the unique college experience available to students. It is unlike anything I have seen that is available in Wichita or the surrounding area.

Coach Dale Faber

We enjoy the time that our basketball players interact with the students in the classroom, and I can’t explain enough what our team has learned from the Friendship Fields squad.

Cara Smith

As a former special education teacher, I was honored to be a part of this important program.

Jennifer Cole

Val Wall truly loves these kids, embraces their individualities and strives to meet their many different needs. It is like a mission to her.

Jordan Murdock

Friendship fields will always have a place close to my heart.

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