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Wesley Kuzminzki

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Jarrett Murphy

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From Friends of Friendship Fields

The support of the staff, parents, and fellow students has been healing for both of us and filled a need.

Lisa Sherrard and Todd Bates

I have benefited from my involvement with Friendship Fields in so many ways. New friendships, deepening old friendships, intellectual stimulation as I prepare lessons on a variety of topics, varied learning experiences on and off campus, which all aid in my continued growth, development, and life enrichment. And so it is for our students!

Jane Harwell

Valerie Wall is an exemplary leader who is highly respected among colleagues. Her vision and determination has a direct impact in the lives of her students and our community.

Andrea Vazquez-Aguirre

As a police officer, one of the most rewarding things has been that when I first started coming to class, a few students didn’t like the police. I guess is that this was a result of a negative experience in the past. Over the course of my visits, some of those same students now give me high fives and hugs when I get to the class and when I’m about to leave.

Officer Tim Wescott

For Friends U students, just to see Friendship Fields students around our campus creates a fun and joyous environment.

Cassidy Darrah

What sets Friendship Fields apart from other programs is the unique college experience available to students. It is unlike anything I have seen that is available in Wichita or the surrounding area.

Hazel May

We enjoy the time that our basketball players interact with the students in the classroom, and I can’t explain enough what our team has learned from the Friendship Fields squad.

Coach Dale Faber

As a former special education teacher, I was honored to be a part of this important program.

Cara Smith

Val Wall truly loves these kids, embraces their individualities and strives to meet their many different needs. It is like a mission to her.

Jennifer Cole

Friendship fields will always have a place close to my heart.

Jordan Murdock

I firmly believe that Friendship Fields/Friendship Fields Academy gives students with disabilities a new hope and a bright future.

Matthew Ziblay

This program is a change agent in teaching other individuals in the community and at Friends University what people with disabilities have to offer.

Rebecca Nelson

The value-added benefit that Friendship Fields offers to Friends University and to the lives of its students is indescribable.

John Carroll

Friendship Fields students have become an integral part of the Friends University community.

Ashley Borniger

Friends University’s Friendship Fields program has given our son a source of pride and confidence.

Cynthia Suellentrop


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Valerie Wall

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Assistant Director
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